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| February 27, 2015

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Typo Keyboard Case Launches For iPhone's At CES 2014

Typo Keyboard Case Launches For iPhone’s At CES 2014
William Jackson

Typo have launched the Typo Keyboard Case that turns your iPhone into a Blackberry, bringing the age old form of QWERTY back to your device.

If you have switched to Apple from Blackberry in recent years then you may be pleased to know that its no longer impossible to just use the touchscreen on your phone

Typo have launched their Typo Keyboard Case at CES 2014 and it may well be the best $100 you will ever spend on an upgrade for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.

The keyboard layout of the case is fully QWERTY and the case also features a small button on the bottom right which lets you navigate the phones screen but users may find the phones buttons difficult to use as they are attached to the underneath of the phone and protrude slightly outwards from the edges of the phone.

Users who switched from blackberry to Apple will defiantly be pleased about this new case and if your wondering how its actually connected to the phone then thats where the marvel of Bluetooth comes in.

The use of bluetooth however, always has a dramatic effect on your phones battery life and the case features its own micro USB charging port providing about 7-10 days of battery life when in use on your phone.

Is the Typo Keyboard Case a waste of $100 or the best invention for an iPhone this year at CES? Let us know in the comments below!

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