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| January 28, 2015

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Details Leaked About The iPad 5

Details Leaked About The iPad 5

| On 01, Mar 2013

Apple have been pushing new generations of the iPad more than any other product and that shocked everyone back in October 2012 when they announced the 4th generation iPad, only 7 months after they announced the New iPad (3rd Generation). This meant that Apple had stepped out of their usual annual release of iPads in March and everybody jumped to the conclusion that there was no way we could see the next generation iPad released in March 2013 just 4 months after the release of the iPad 4.

Over the last few months the rumours about the iPad 5th generation have picked up pace which normally suggests a release is imminent.

The iPad 3 to iPad 4 did not see much change but it finally looks like we may get a redesign for the iPad and it looks for the better.

We have received some information and pictures from a source with in the case manufacturing business who claims that the case in the pictures will fit the iPad 5th generation

The case sticks to the most recent rumours that the iPad 5 will come with a thinner bezel and basically become an iPad mini upscaled to fit a 9.7″ screen in to it. This results in a smaller overall device which once again making it more portable.

As can be seen from the photos the iPad 5 will be around 4mm shorter in height than the iPad 4 and also around 1-2mm thinner which is barley noticeable. The big difference comes in the width where the iPad 5 is set to be around 2cm less than the iPad 4, obviously these design changes will also result in the 5th generation iPad being lighter in weight.

As you would expect the back of the iPad 5 is said to look like the iPad mini with the black/slate and white/silver design and our source said they have not heard anything about the next generation iPad coming in multiple colours, like the recently released iPod touch.

“No Coloured iPad’s Coming Soon”

Many people have not noticed the squared off edges on the iPad mini and looking at the case of the iPad 5 it looks like Apple is set to do the same as can be seen by the photos the edges have lost the tear drop shape and now look a lot more 3 dimensional and also result in it feeling safer while holding the device.

We have got a full in depth video looking at the iPad 5 case coming very soon.If you know anything else interesting be sure to let us know

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  • Ishan Shah

    It means the battery will be of a lesser capacity IF AT ALL the 5th gen iPad is scaled down for a thinner bezel…

  • Ishan Shah

    It means the battery will be of a lesser capacity IF AT ALL the 5th gen iPad is scaled down for a thinner bezel…