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| January 25, 2015

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Is This The iPad 5th Generation ?

Is This The iPad 5th Generation ?

| On 29, Jan 2013

The last few weeks have seen many fifth generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 rumors and ideas floating around the internet.  Tonight we have a very interesting image that not only puts these rumors into a new perspective, but sets the standard on what could be a new era in tablet storage sizes.

This picture was recently released showing a new rumored design for the iPad fifth generation.  The design features a black & slate/white & silver panel set, thinner casing, chamfered edges, and a smaller overall footprint.

The image itself cannot be confirmed as that of the iPad fifth generation, it does however give us a detailed look into what apples next generation iPad may very well look like.

The casing on the fifth generation could be as thin of that on the iPad Mini and feature LTE support.

Early reports originally suggested that we could see the 5th iPad released in March, however recent reports now say that it could be as early as October before we see anything concrete in the works.  This is due to another recent rumor that includes the possibility of a revamped iPad 4 device with a massive memory upgrade of 128GB worth of space, and a pretty decent increase in price if any such device were ever to be released.

Some other interesting products that apple may release later this year include the iPhone 5s, New iPad Mini and a cheaper version of the iPhone itself.

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